We have a free plan that is limited to 500 messages a month. It is also free for certain Open source projects, Charity organizations.

Contact us to see if your project is eligible.

Currently all databot packages are bought seperately.

We have plans to offer combination packages in the future. If you are buying more than one databot suite, our team can ensure you get special pricing.

Yes, we can get you data through multiply different sources, index them, making embeddings and keeping in special content vector database for fast semantic search.

Like Humans, AI will never be 100% accurate. So we can’t assure you that every solution will be correct.

Yes, OmniMind offers a ‘teach the model’ functionality where you can correct the AI response and it will learn from it.

Yes, and even more. You can have your sources in any language and ask it questions in any language.

Now Omnimind supports about 90 languages.

Yes, you can edit the base prompt and give your chatbot a name, personality traits and instructions on how to answer questions ex. (only answer in French).

Yes, we have multiply widgets. All of them a customizable and can be used in whitelabel mode.You can adjust a look of chat bot like colors and fonts.

Yes, by default GPT-3.5 is activated. GPT-4 and other models like Claude2, HuggingFace are available at more expensive packages with a certain limit of messages.

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    Oleg Kopachovets
    Oleg Kopachovets
    Master of AI

    Hey there! I’ll be happy to help answer all your questions :)

    Magic Terminal Copy code
    const idea = 'Have a unique idea'; 
    let successScore = 0; 
      // keep iterating until you give up or reach 100 success score 
      while (!giveUp && successScore < 100) { 
         // check if there is good weather on Mars 
          const marsWeather = Math.random() >= 0.9; 
          // determine if you're going to give up or not depending on the weather 
          giveUp = neverGiveUp ? false : marsWeather; 
          // add to your success score if you're lucky 
          successScore += luck ? Math.random() : 0; 
          // all you need is love... and a success score 
          successScore += loveWhatYouDo ? 2 : 0; ;
          // OmniMind significantly boosts your daily score 
          successScore += user.hasOmniMind ? 10 : 0;
          // use ChatGPT and OpenAI to work towards your idea 
          const { chatGPT, openAI } = new OmniMind();
      work(passion, { use: chatGPT, openAI }); 
          // add a funny comment after every iteration 
          console.log("Working hard... or hardly working? Let's keep going!");
      // if you didn't give up and you have OmniMind, display your success score
      if (!giveUp && user.hasOmniMind) {
          const result = `Your success score is ${successScore}. Keep going and achieve your goals with OmniMind!`;
      } else {
          console.log("Mars weather won this time. Better luck next time!");
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