Researcher Plan

For small studies and projects

$39 /month
  • Up to 2 Projects
  • Learn: 10M characters
  • Ask: 2,000 requests
  • Upload: web url, pdf, docx
  • Widgets: chat, search, explorer

Pro Plan

For middle-size bases and companies

$99 /month
  • Up to 10 Projects
  • Learn: 100M characters
  • Ask: 5,000 requests
  • Upload: web url, pdf, docx, website, xls, csv, google drive, youtube
  • Widgets: 5+ UI for interaction and data processing with extended customization and white-label support
  • Monthly content syncing: limited
  • Alternative AI models access: limited / on-demand
  • API access
  • Chrome extension

Einstein Plan

For XXL bases and serious companies

$399 /month
  • Up to 100 Projects
  • Learn: 1B characters
  • Ask: 9,000 requests
  • Ask GPT-4: 1,000 requests
  • Upload: web url, pdf, docx, website, xls, csv, google drive, youtube, google, linkedin, facebook and many more
  • Widgets: All inclusive
  • Daily content sync
  • Alternative AI models
  • API access
  • Chrome extension
  • Extended support

Enterprise Plan

For enterprise or custom solutions

from $2,000
  • Unlimited projects
  • using own API keys for OpenAI and other services
  • self- or dedicated-hosted
  • extra data privacy
  • custom integrations
  • custom features on demand

AI Learning Scales: Unlock the Power of Text Data

The AI learning scale showcases different sizes of text data and their corresponding costs, along with some examples of what could be done with each size. Here’s a summary of what can be achieved at each scale
1MB – $11


Roughly a quarter of the complete works of Shakespeare, or two average novels. With GPT-3, you could create an interactive version of Romeo or Juliet and conduct your own dialogue with them!
10 MB – $110


Roughly two and a half copies of the Bible (the Bible typically contains about 3-4 MB of text). You could use AI to generate new parables or interpretations of ancient texts.
50 MB – $550

“1984” by George Orwell

Roughly 20 copies of “1984” by George Orwell. Perhaps GPT-3 could suggest new intriguing theories about what would have happened if Big Brother was indeed watching.
100 MB – $1100

“War and Peace”

Roughly 10 complete copies of “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy. You could use AI to create new characters or plot lines in this epic novel.
200 MB – $2200

English Wikipedia

Roughly the size of all English Wikipedia articles without images and multimedia (as of 2021). You could use AI to automatically create new articles or update existing ones.
500 MB – $5500

“Harry Potter”

Roughly the size of the text of all books in the “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling 50 times over. You could use AI to create your own magical world or invent new spells.
1000 MB / 1 GB – $11000

“Friends” Series

Roughly the amount of text a person speaks on average in their lifetime. Yes, you could indeed create your digital persona with OmniMind. Or it’s roughly the size of the text of all scripts of the “Friends” series (10 seasons) 100 times over. You could use AI to create new episodes or even an entire new season!
2.5 PB – $27.5 million

Library of Congress

Roughly the size of the entire library collection of the Library of Congress in the USA. You could use AI to catalog and analyze all this vast amount of information.

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    Magic Terminal Copy code
    const idea = 'Have a unique idea'; 
    let successScore = 0; 
      // keep iterating until you give up or reach 100 success score 
      while (!giveUp && successScore < 100) { 
         // check if there is good weather on Mars 
          const marsWeather = Math.random() >= 0.9; 
          // determine if you're going to give up or not depending on the weather 
          giveUp = neverGiveUp ? false : marsWeather; 
          // add to your success score if you're lucky 
          successScore += luck ? Math.random() : 0; 
          // all you need is love... and a success score 
          successScore += loveWhatYouDo ? 2 : 0; ;
          // OmniMind significantly boosts your daily score 
          successScore += user.hasOmniMind ? 10 : 0;
          // use ChatGPT and OpenAI to work towards your idea 
          const { chatGPT, openAI } = new OmniMind();
      work(passion, { use: chatGPT, openAI }); 
          // add a funny comment after every iteration 
          console.log("Working hard... or hardly working? Let's keep going!");
      // if you didn't give up and you have OmniMind, display your success score
      if (!giveUp && user.hasOmniMind) {
          const result = `Your success score is ${successScore}. Keep going and achieve your goals with OmniMind!`;
      } else {
          console.log("Mars weather won this time. Better luck next time!");
    Thank you! You've successfully sent the data. We'll contact you soon.