ChatGPT for Airbnb
Save Time on Guest Communication

How it Works | Omnibnb

01 Installation

Easily install OmniBnB as a Chrome extension. Enjoy a straightforward, hassle-free addition to your browser for a smoother hosting experience. | Omnibnb

02 Customize

  • Set Up Hostname: Configure the bot to recognize questions addressed to it and generate personalized signatures for each response
  • Choose Tone and Role: Tailor the bot’s tone of voice and role to match your unique hosting style, ensuring your guests always feel warmly welcomed
  • Specific Instructions: Program your bot with custom instructions. For example, you can guide it to politely decline discount requests, citing reasons like high-demand seasons or the novelty of your apartments | Omnibnb

03 Teach

One-click learning! OmniBnB quickly absorbs your past conversations, enabling it to understand and replicate your communication style. | Omnibnb

04 Activate Your Superpower

Simply choose a chat, hit a button, and watch OmniBnB generate accurate responses for your guests in no time

A Giant Step Towards SuperHost Status


OmniBnB saves each host an average of 67 minutes daily by automating responses. More time for you, less time on routine tasks

Enhanced Guest Satisfaction

In 75% of reviews, guests have highlighted the exceptional responsiveness and attentiveness of their hosts, thanks to OmniBnB

Efficiency in Communication

93% of messages crafted by OmniBnB are sent without any edits needed. Seamless communication as if you wrote it yourself

Affordable Pricing

Get started for as low as $19 per month. Experience why hosts love OmniBnB for its simplicity and effectiveness

Overcome Service Bottlenecks

Enhance on-stay communications with automated, personalized guest interactions:

Smooth Check-Ins

Automated instructions for hassle-free guest arrivals

Immediate Assistance

Offer instant help for any during-stay inquiries

Personalized Recommendations

Use saved time to provide tailored advice and boost your guests’ experience

Quick Setup, Immediate Results

Setting up OmniBnB is quick and the AI quickly adapts to manage repetitive guest FAQs, improving response times and consistency.

Maintain Quality Interactions

Ensure every guest feels well attended to with prompt, accurate responses

Decrease Daily Tasks

Focus more on enhancing guest experiences rather than repetitive communication

Build Trust and Confidence

Fast and reliable answers to FAQs enhance guest satisfaction and trust


What is OmniBnB?

OmniBnB is an AI-driven chatbot designed to automatically handle guest communications on your Airbnb listings.

Does OmniBnB interact directly within the Airbnb messaging interface?

Yes, it integrates seamlessly with your Airbnb inbox to craft responses.

Does OmniBnB automatically respond to messages from guests?

Absolutely, it utilizes advanced AI to generate responses without manual intervention.

How does OmniBnB manage to reply to guest messages, and what informs its responses?

OmniBnB analyzes your past conversations with guests to grasp your specific rules and preferences, enabling it to provide consistent replies to frequently asked questions.

Can OmniBnB utilize all my previous conversations to enhance future responses?

Yes, you can allow OmniBnB to access your entire chat history to refine its understanding and responses, or select specific conversations for analysis if preferred.

Is there an option to customize the responses generated by OmniBnB?

Yes, you can personalize the responses by setting custom guidelines for the AI, or opt for manual review to edit and approve messages before sending.

What happens if a guest asks a question that OmniBnB cannot answer?

You can supplement its knowledge base with the correct information, ensuring it can handle similar queries in future interactions.

Does OmniBnB adapt and improve by learning from new conversations?

Yes, OmniBnB is designed so you can continuously improve it by learning from ongoing guest interactions. Additionally, you have the flexibility to specify how many recent conversations it should analyze and learn from to enhance its performance.

Can I use OmniBnB on my Direct Booking website?

Certainly, OmniBnB can be integrated into your Direct Booking website through a popup chat widget, providing a consistent user experience with the same underlying knowledge base.

What languages is OmniBnB compatible with?

OmniBnB supports multiple languages, enhancing its versatility.

Is there a detailed guide available on how to use OmniBnB?

Yes, there is a comprehensive video tutorial available on YouTube that outlines various use cases for OmniBnB. Click here to watch it.

What is the cost of subscribing to OmniBnB?

Subscription plans for OmniBnB start at $19 per month.

Are there any discounts for bulk usage?

Yes, we can discuss custom pricing for larger portfolios. Please contact our Sales team for more information.

How can I schedule a demonstration of OmniBnB?

You can book a demo with the OmniBnB team using this Calendar link.


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