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Chat View

Communication in the usual form as in the messenger.
Short and clear.

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Popup Chat Widget

Interactive widget for instant answers.
Ask, get responses.

omnimind.ai | Widgets

Explain View

Communication for more detailed answers. Question – Answer.

omnimind.ai | Widgets

Search View

Communication as in the search bar of the browser.
Ask questions and see the history.

omnimind.ai | Widgets

Documents Search Widget

Allows to install a popup widget to search through documantation

omnimind.ai | Widgets

Voice Talk

Talk to your bot to get answers like you talk to a human

omnimind.ai | Widgets

Google Sheets Add-On

Adding the Omnimind AI Google Sheets Add-On to your google sheets

omnimind.ai | Widgets

Interactive Mindmap Widget

Create and customize hierarchical mind maps.

omnimind.ai | Widgets

Mermaid Mindmap Widget

Create and customize hierarchical mind maps.

omnimind.ai | Widgets

Retelling Widget

Interactive retelling tool for your knowledge base insights.


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    Oleg Kopachovets
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    Magic Terminal Copy code
    const idea = 'Have a unique idea'; 
    let successScore = 0; 
      // keep iterating until you give up or reach 100 success score 
      while (!giveUp && successScore < 100) { 
         // check if there is good weather on Mars 
          const marsWeather = Math.random() >= 0.9; 
          // determine if you're going to give up or not depending on the weather 
          giveUp = neverGiveUp ? false : marsWeather; 
          // add to your success score if you're lucky 
          successScore += luck ? Math.random() : 0; 
          // all you need is love... and a success score 
          successScore += loveWhatYouDo ? 2 : 0; ;
          // OmniMind significantly boosts your daily score 
          successScore += user.hasOmniMind ? 10 : 0;
          // use ChatGPT and OpenAI to work towards your idea 
          const { chatGPT, openAI } = new OmniMind();
      work(passion, { use: chatGPT, openAI }); 
          // add a funny comment after every iteration 
          console.log("Working hard... or hardly working? Let's keep going!");
      // if you didn't give up and you have OmniMind, display your success score
      if (!giveUp && user.hasOmniMind) {
          const result = `Your success score is ${successScore}. Keep going and achieve your goals with OmniMind!`;
      } else {
          console.log("Mars weather won this time. Better luck next time!");
    Thank you! You've successfully sent the data. We'll contact you soon.