Omnimind Data Compliance

General Data Compliance 

Сonsent for processing personal data: OmniMind displays a prominent notification explaining the purpose and scope of data collection. This notification ensures that users are fully informed and can freely and unambiguously provide explicit consent. Additionally, our comprehensive Privacy Policy outlines how we handle personal data in compliance with GDPR requirements, providing transparency and demonstrating our commitment to data protection.

Сontrol over personal data: OmniMind’s user profile interface allows individuals to easily access, modify, or delete their personal information and associated data from our servers and databases upon request. This user-friendly feature enables users to exercise their rights under GDPR, such as the right to rectification and the right to erasure, ensuring that their personal data is managed according to their preferences.

Encryption: Omnimind offers robust encryption options for data at rest and in transit, allowing you to secure personal data effectively. DB PostgreSQL encryption is on at the database level. Secured SSL, TLS, and HTTPS are used everywhere.

Access Controls: Omnimind, including its database parts Hasura and PostgreSQL, provides granular access control mechanisms, enabling you to restrict access to personal data only to authorized individuals or processes.

Data Residency: AWS hosting has multiple data center regions, allowing you to store personal data within specific geographic boundaries if required by GDPR regulations. Now, we’re storing it in Germany and the US. At the same time, a dedicated service can be run in the required region.

Certifications: Procoders and its Omnimind services comply with various security and compliance standards, including ISO 270001. Our services are covered by Professional and Cyber Security insurance with $1M coverage.

Data Backup and Recovery: AWS offers us reliable backup and recovery options, ensuring that personal data can be restored in case of incidents or breaches, as GDPR requires.

Enhancing GDPR Compliance with Advanced Features

Data Minimization by Design: OmniMind takes a privacy-first approach by not collecting user data by default. Our chat interface is anonymous, and we only request minimal personal information, such as name and email address, if you explicitly configure the chat behavior to do so. This practice aligns with the GDPR principle of data minimization, ensuring that we collect and process only the personal data that is strictly necessary.

Sensitive Data Anonymization: To further protect user privacy, OmniMind incorporates a robust solution for anonymizing sensitive data, such as names, birth dates, social security numbers, and credit card numbers. With the appropriate settings, we can mask these sensitive data elements with asterisks or other obfuscation techniques, preventing unauthorized access or accidental exposure.

On-Premises AI Model Processing: For organizations with heightened data privacy and security requirements, OmniMind can connect self-hosted, isolated AI models. This feature enables data processing to occur strictly within the client’s environment, eliminating the need to transmit data to third-party servers and thus enhancing compliance with data localization and sovereignty requirements.

On-Premises Deployment Option: Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, OmniMind provides the flexibility to deploy the entire platform on the client’s servers and within their desired geographic region. This on-premises deployment option empowers organizations to control their data and infrastructure completely, ensuring full compliance with regional data protection regulations and meeting specific organizational requirements.

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