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Who founded OmniMind?

OmniMind was created under the leadership of the CEO of ProCoders, who is a highly skilled developer. Therefore, using OmniMind combines the interests of clients, readability for developers, user-friendliness, business management, and uniqueness in integrating into your project.

How old is OmniMind?

The first version of OmniMind was launched on July 13, 2023.

What makes OmniMind different from our competitors?

OmniMind garners special attention among our competitors due to several features that we consider among the best:

  1. The number of integrations available to add your unique content.
  2. The quality of the answers provided.
  3. The level of customization you can apply to your OmniMind.
  4. The ease with which you can get started with the system.
  5. The quality of support during setup and onboarding.
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