1. Please ensure that the project is set to ‘public.’ To do this, click the ‘Publish’ button to make the project accessible to the public.
  2. Copy or generate your API key
  3. Go to the Zapier application where you’d like to use Omnimind.
  4. Create a new action step and look for the Omnimind integration.

In the Action tab, provide the necessary information.

  • From the Project dropdown, choose the project you want to connect with.
  • Enter the question you’d like to send to Omnimind.
  1. Before finalizing, test your action to ensure everything works smoothly.
  2. In Zapier, select the “Answer” field from the Omnimind app. You can use this answer in your subsequent steps.

We don’t currently have built-in integrations with many services, but you can integrate with them through Zapier or the API.

With many of the above, there are workarounds such as:

  • Exporting documentation and uploading as PDFs or docx;
  • Setting up an API to push content/sync with your OmniMind.
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