🧩 Function “I don’t know answer”

Can you explain the “I don’t know answer” input field in Widget settings => Customize?

The “I don’t know answer” input field is used when your bot is uncertain about the correctness of an answer or when its knowledge base contains conflicting information on a specific question. You can replace the phrase “I don’t know answer” with any phrase you prefer.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the Omnimind application.
2. Go to the Project and select the relevant widget.
3. In the widget, click on the top “Widget Settings” button.
4. In the modal window that appears, go to the “Customize” tab.
5. In the “I don’t know answer” input field, you can write your preferred phrase. For example, if you write “Hmm…,” your Omni-bot will start with “Hmm… Here goes some answer” when it’s uncertain about the response.

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