Change the “I don’t know the answer”


If the bot is not sure of its answer, it starts with the words “Most likely.”
For example: “Most likely, the answer to your question will be the following information.”
When you add your answer to the “I don’t know the answer” box, it replaces “Most Likely” with your version.
So, if we introduced the expression “Good question!” in this field, it would look like this: “Good question! The following information answers your question.”

Set your response option for OmniMind when it cannot answer a question.

Video instruction

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Open Home page:
  2. Go to your OmniMind project
  3. Click on the Settings button
  4. Click on the Behaviour button

5. In the right column, find the ‘I don’t know’ field and edit it.

6. Click on the Save button

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