🖲 “Prompt” settings

What are the “Prompt” settings for the Search widget?

Prompt settings allow you to customize your bot’s response style. For instance, you can choose its Role, whether it should be a business assistant, a computer whiz, or even write like William Shakespeare! You can assign any role you prefer, and the bot will respond accordingly.

You also have the Tone setting, which can make the bot’s responses informative, aggressive, creative, or anything else you can imagine.

Furthermore, there are formatting options where you can specify special formatting instructions for the bot, such as highlighting key points, using bullet points, or even emojis!

I’d like to draw your attention to the Custom Prompt setting. With this option, you can make your bot a true Einstein! It’s a crucial feature that significantly impacts the quality of the bot’s response. Approach it with creativity. The only mandatory condition for creating a Custom Prompt is to use the {context} and {question} components. 

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