Google Sheets

  1. Please ensure that the project is set to ‘public.’ To do this, click the ‘Publish’ button to make the project accessible to the public.
  2. Copy or generate your API key
  3. Go to the Google Sheet document where you want to use the add on
  4. Press the Extensions menu button and choose Add Ons and Get Add ons
  1. Find the OmniMind add on and install it
  2. After installing the Add On go to the Extensions menu, find the Omnimind add on menu item and press Launch
  3. You will be prompted to Authorise yourself with Omnimind. Please authorise yourself, you will be redirected back to the Google document.
  4. Launch the Add on again. You will get a sidebar window where you can press Get Projects and specify which project data you want to use in the document.
  1. Paste your API key in the provided field and click Get Projects.
  2. Select Your Project
    • A list of your projects in Omnimind will appear.
    • Select the project you would like to use for data analysis.
  3. Use the OMNI_ASK Function
    • Click on a cell where you want the answer to appear.
    • Enter the function =OMNI_ASK(“Your question here”). Replace “Your question here” with the actual question you want to ask.
    • Press Enter.
  4. Getting Answers
    • After pressing enter, the add-on will automatically search for the answer based on the resources uploaded in your selected project on Omnimind.
    • The answer will then appear in the cell where you entered the function.
<strong>Examples of using</strong>

1. Monitoring Competitors and the Market:
   – In Column A, you put links to your competitors’ websites.
   – In Column B, you specify monitoring parameters, like “product reviews.”
   – The script processes these websites and gives you a summary of what people are saying about competitors’ products.

2. Tracking News and Trends:
   – In Column A, you place links to news sources or industry blogs.
   – In Column B, you enter keywords, such as “new technologies.”
   – The script scans these sources and provides you with updates on the latest news and trends in your field.

3. Managing Reputation and Feedback:
   – In Column A, you include links to social media or forums where your brand is discussed.
   – In Column B, you input queries related to your reputation, like “opinions about our product.”
   – The script analyzes discussions and offers you information on what’s being said about your company and suggested actions.

4. Customer Service and Support:
   – In Column A, you list links to customer feedback or support pages.
   – In Column B, you enter queries concerning customer issues, for instance, “delivery problems.”
   – The script helps you swiftly identify and address customer questions and problems.

5. Market Review Analysis:
   – In Column A, you insert links to product and service reviews in your industry.
   – In Column B, you specify characteristics you want to focus on, like “product quality.”
   – The script scans these reviews and provides you with summarized insights on what’s being said about product quality in the market.

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