While it may be evident, it’s worth emphasizing that we hold your privacy in high regard, encompassing your OmniMind, the content you upload, the data you share with us, and our interactions with third-party providers.

Project privacy

In your personal OmniMind project, you can set a password, and access to this project will be granted only to those people with whom you have shared the link to your OmniMind. Similarly, with other people’s projects, you will have access to them only through a unique link.

Content privacy

  • Do you store my documents? No, we do not store your resources in their original form. When processing resources, they are immediately sent for vectorization in OpenAI and returned to the database in the form of vectors, numerical values (such as 0.10235303343, 0.109847474728, and so on). In this format, your resources are stored in the database in an isolated container, and these vectors are subsequently used by the bot to generate responses.
  • Where is information stored? The content you upload is stored securely with Weawiate (an open-source vector database). We only store the text from your documents and web pages, not the actual files. We use Weawiate as our ‘vector database,’ where text snippets are stored alongside their corresponding ‘vectors.’
  • Where are your servers located? Our servers are located primarily in the United States; on the Google Cloud Platform(GCP) and are situated in Dalles, Oregon, USA(us-west1-gcp).

Privacy data

We use your data solely to provide you with the OmniMind service or assist in responding to any customer support inquiries. We do not share them with third parties for marketing purposes. You can manage your data by deleting it in the user interface.

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